Friday, August 22, 2008

90. Submit at least 36 written or artistic works for publication: 1 of 36

My short story, Stall, won honorable mention in the For the Girls 5th Birthday Fiction Competition! Comments on my story are all the way down at the bottom of the page.

I'm so excited. It's the first thing I've submitted in years and the first piece of erotica I've ever submitted anywhere.   On top of that, this'll be the first payment I've ever received for my writing.

I won $10 and a one month membership to the For the Girls website. My story is scheduled to appear November 13.

:::happy dance:::

Thursday, August 21, 2008

90. Submit at least nine written or artistic works for publication (2/9)

I submitted my second written work to the Ligonier Valley Writers' 2008 Flash Fiction Contest.  The theme was zombie stories and my piece is called L'académie des Petits Morts.

It just occurred to me that I previously committed to 12 submissions for the year of 2008.  It now seems silly to have two separate goals so I'm revising my 90th note to self.  I believe that I can manage one submission per month, so I'm going out on a limb and changing my goal thusly:

90. Submit at least 36 written or artistic works for publication (2/36)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

40. For every item I complete, stash at least $5.00 away for something special for myself

I'm up to $50.00, so far!


81. Create an Etsy store

I got this one completed sooner than I had planned.  I now have my own Etsy store called Conjure Crafts.  I started making things to list for sale and showed pictures of one of them (called Libro de los Muertos and shown here)

Libro de los Muertos
Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
in another one of my blogs.  Turns out, someone who reads my blog really liked it and asked to buy it.  Long story short, I asked if she could buy it through my Etsy store so I could benefit from the sale on Etsy and she agreed.  I threw up the store real fast yesterday and the deal was done within hours.

Fantastic!  Everyone's happy.

So, my Etsy store is up, but I haven't yet finished the seven items to stock it with (see note to self # 82).  I also still need to work on the store, tweaking the look of it and setting up my policies.  But still ... #81 is done.  Yay!

Friday, August 1, 2008

90. Submit at least nine written or artistic works for publication (1/9)

Last night, I submitted a short piece of erotica to the For the Girls 5th Birthday Fiction Competition.  The contest theme was "transgression," and my piece was titled, Stall.

Wish me luck!  

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

36. Go to at least seven concerts or plays (1/7)

Journey Ticket
Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
A friend took me to see Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick a couple weeks ago. Though it wasn't a concert that I would have chosen, she needed a chaperone and I ended up recognizing most of the songs and really enjoying myself.

Rock on!

Monday, July 21, 2008

28. Clean out 101 items from my home and donate or sell them (1/101)

Purple Pixie Top
Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
I've been considering where to start with the task of culling the herd of stuff in my home and I finally settled on the closet.

This used to be one of my favorite tops and I haven't been able to fit into it in years. I've held onto it this whole time thinking that it would motivate me to lose weight but all I've really been doing is torturing myself with it. It was the perfect item to kick-off my 28th note to self.

I spent this past weekend in Denver, CO at a spiritual retreat. Each time the group I am studying with gathers, we hold a raffle of donated items to raise funds for those participating in the group that may need financial assistance. So, I donated my beloved purple pixie top to the raffle with the hope that it would find the perfect new owner.

More importantly, along with the top I let go of my tendency to self-flagellate over allowing myself to gain more weight than I am comfortable carrying. I'm now choosing to transform that energy and use it to get healthy, instead.

The woman that hosted me while I was in Denver was an extremely gracious and nurturing hostess with a fabulous sense of style that echoed my own. In fact, we had wardrobe synergy the entire weekend, individually dressing ourselves in very similar clothing. Over the course of the long weekend, we each ended up wearing black and red corset tops, clothing adorned with skulls, and black pinstripe capris. Each day we were delighted at the coincidences.

When it came time to draw the winning ticket in the raffle, she won my top and I was delighted. Now I really do feel as though the top will have a new life with someone who will love and appreciate it as much as I once did. I also feel wonderful having been able to contribute, in a small way, to raising funds for my fellow students. Lastly, I'm relieved to have let go of the idea that I will ever be that small again. I may never again be a size 6, but I'm dead sexy, dammit. And I am reclaiming my body and recreating healthy relationships with it and with the food I eat.

I feel great.

I have been dreading this goal but I now believe cleaning out 101 items from my home and either donating or selling them will be a liberating and empowering experience.