Wednesday, August 20, 2008

81. Create an Etsy store

I got this one completed sooner than I had planned.  I now have my own Etsy store called Conjure Crafts.  I started making things to list for sale and showed pictures of one of them (called Libro de los Muertos and shown here)

Libro de los Muertos
Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
in another one of my blogs.  Turns out, someone who reads my blog really liked it and asked to buy it.  Long story short, I asked if she could buy it through my Etsy store so I could benefit from the sale on Etsy and she agreed.  I threw up the store real fast yesterday and the deal was done within hours.

Fantastic!  Everyone's happy.

So, my Etsy store is up, but I haven't yet finished the seven items to stock it with (see note to self # 82).  I also still need to work on the store, tweaking the look of it and setting up my policies.  But still ... #81 is done.  Yay!

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Latharia said...

I'm off to check it out!!